Customization and Integration

Do you have a piece of software that is working, but you wish you could get a report that the software doesn’t provide? Have you experienced repetitive tasks that are awkward to perform and waste time? 

Volle Technical Development has the ability to assist our clients with the customization of existing software packages. Sometimes custom software just doesn’t make sense, but customizing the software you already have may be a great solution.

We can’t promise that we can customize everything, but we would always be happy to take a look and discuss the options with you. 

We have experience customizing many systems including OSAS accounting and ERP packages, Job Boss ERP,  QuickBooks accounting software, and others.

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Types of Customization

Volle Technical Development provides advanced reporting capabilities that exceed the options available with some software packages, including custom dashboards, score cards, and other metrics. We can provide high quality print reports that generate pdf files or export to Microsoft Excel. These types of customizations can often be connected to the data of your existing software, and in some cases can even be integrated for access directly within the software.

Already have custom software, but no support?

Volle Technical Development has clients who already have custom software, however for various reasons the original developers are no longer providing support. We have been able to come alongside our clients and provide the support that they were anxious to have.

Let us relieve your anxiety, we would be happy to meet with you! We will assess if we can provide support for your existing custom software and provide a quote for support or modifications. 

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