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Tips Hints & Help!

This section has been provided to assist small businesses in navigating various aspects of the sometimes confusing IT world.
Volle Technical Development would be pleased to assist you if you have questions or wish to have a professional assist with your business' IT requirements.

Cautions for
small business

Like most small businesses, you probably use a computer to accomplish many of your daily tasks. Today the use of the Internet has vastly improved our communications and research capabilities. Unfortunately with these increased capabilities comes dependence, and having your computer rendered inoperable can quickly be a critical problem. Implementing each of the suggestions below can greatly reduce the likelihood that you will become one of the casualty statistics of our connected world.

  • Backup REGULARLY!
    I can't stress this enough, backing up less than once a week is negligent.
  • Use a firewall
    This can be a hardware device, or software.
  • Use Virus software
    Use it, AND keep it up to date. Without the latest updates you are NOT protected against the latest viruses.
  • Protect against non-virus threats
    We recommend Pest Patrol. (See more in the right hand column of this page.)
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    If you would like assistance with any of these tasks, please contact us.
    Help Me, I think I'm at Risk.
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No warranty is expressed or implied for any of the information presented. It exists to assist you in understanding various techniques that can help you succeed in using technology for your business, but it is not meant to serve as instructions suitable for implementing any of the suggestions.