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Small Business

Q. I run a small business, and I have talked to consulting firms before; do I have to spend thousands of dollars just to find out what I need?

A. NO! Volle Technical Development understands the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. We are happy to provide initial consultations without charge. During this consultation we can begin to understand your business requirements, and work with you to develop a plan that explains the costs required to provide a solution to your specific business needs before you are required to commit your resources.

Q. I run a home-based business with a tight budget; can you create a web site for me and help me establish email?

A. Absolutely! Volle Technical Development is capable of creating complex e-commerce web sites, but we are happy to serve the needs of even the smallest business. Simple web sites can be created for under $1000 including email, and a year of hosting.

Q. What is the difference between a site you create and one I create with the free services provided by my Internet service provider?

A. Internet service providers are typically only interested in providing fee based internet services. When you click the "Sign me Up" button on their site the free tools have just finished their real job! The free tools are provided as marketing tool, not as a comprehensive service. Although these types of tools will create very simple sites, they fail to convey the level of professionalism your business strives for. These tools are best suited for people creating family web sites so that grandma can see pictures of the kids. They are unable to assist you in making your site available to potential clients by registering with search engines or expanding the capabilities of the site as your business grows.